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Truman Photography

Tom's Bio --- PHOTOGRAPHER - Photogenic Artist;
First I have been a Photographer sense the Age of 12.... I'm a retired Firefighter and now on the S.D. Firefighters Honor Guard. I have a college BBS and two "AA" degrees, one being in Graphic Design. And have been a Digital Artist for some 20 years now.

I've been a professional retouching Artist, for models, actors, actresses and photographers. I've worked for clients all over the US and abroad.

I am a Master Artist on skin and body parts making them as appealing as possible and get a great satisfaction from helping someone look their best. I try to achieve the most natural undetectable results. I do, or change, what you instruct me to do and nothing more.

Some photographers have enjoyed their simplicity in just taking a great photo of what exist or what the Camera can see..., while I, on the other hand can go way beyond that, adding what your eyes see or can't see, adding impact and value by elements that mirage into each other in my photography and talent as a Photogenic Artist/ Retoucher I create an images that are only limited by your imagination or mine..

Using my camera as a Pen,to tell a story, each photo authored in frozen moments of time. I view the art of photography as a blissful process, a distilling of reality into a personal vision. As such, I often use the tools of Modern Photography – Lighting, Filters, Digital Photo Artistry enhancement, to try to Freeze that Moment of Emotion I felt at the time "
I tripped the camera's shutter "

Digital photo art combines photography with enhancements or fantasy with many themes, compositions and special effects that could only be done by a true artist to create a breath taking experience for the viewer of your Photographic Images.

Thank You for Reading this Piece of My Life..
Love and Gods Blessings, TOM